2020 Supplemental Evaluations

We are looking to return to the field July 6th!!  We will be holding supplemental evaluations in age groups where we have available spots.  Our commitment is to all of our returning players for the upcoming season, therefore spaces will be limited in certain age groups.  (* With the expanded roster sizes for both the boys and girls 2008 and 2010 groups, those teams in particular will be in need of several additional players).  If you would like to be evaluated for a 2020 Fall travel team please contact the appropraite Age Coordinator listed below for more information, as well as register in our system.  Please go to the registration tab above to complete the process. 

GIRLS 2012/2013  -   Greg Muth     greg.muth@copt.com

GIRLS 2011 -     Chris Cabral          ccabral731@gmail.com

GIRLS 2010  -    Sasha McNeeley  smcneeley@litigationteam.com

GIRLS 2009  -    Chris Carpenter   cccarp19@outlook.com

GIRLS 2008  -    Greg Muth           greg.muth@copt.com

GIRLS 2007  -    Scott French        scottfrench@aol.com

GIRLS 2006  -    Justin Mohler       justin.mohler@cbre.com

BOYS 2013 -      TJ Shrager          tjshrager@gmail.com

BOYS 2012 -      Chris Mason       masedog01@aol.com

BOYS 2011 -      Kevin Kelly          kevinkelly417@comcast.net

BOYS 2010 -      Jason Barker      barker821@gmail.com

BOYS 2009 -      Scott Moody       scott.ltsc@gmail.com

BOYS 2008 -      Kenny Bennett    kcb263@gmail.com

BOYS 2007 -      TJ Shrager          tjshrager@gmail.com

BOYS 2006 -      Will Pharr            wcpharr03@gmail.com