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LTRC Soccer Clinic Program

We are currently full . . . 

Now that we have had our modiefied inhouse back on the field safely, we are happy to announce the opening of registration for our clinic program for the fall season. This is open to players ages 4 1/2 and 5 years old (older pre-k and kindergartners).  This year the program will be 6 sessions and limited to 6 players per group. All activities will be social distanced to keep our players and community safe. There are plenty of fun games we can play with this in mind like red light-green light, musical soccer balls, etc. This year each clinic team will be coached by 2 Champions Soccer coaches and will meet once/week during a weeknight from 5:30-6:30. The time for the last couple of weeks may shift a little earlier due to daylight constraints. All clinics will be held at Lutherville Lab School.  

Cost: $85/player

Start Date: Week of 9/21 

Registration Open Until Friday 9/18 - only 78 spots total available!

If you have additional questions regarding our In-House program please contact one of our coordinators:

Ali Andrzejewski - Champions Soccer  -

For issues involving the registration site process please contact our LTRC Soccer Program Administrator, at

Click on the Following Link to Register:


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